December 17th, 2005 :: "Sample-bot #001"

To further my quest to bring art to the common man, I'm starting to do a bunch of tiny paintings on 2" by 3" tiles of countertop sample. Each one has a hole punched in it so you don't need any special hanging equipment, just a nail or even a thumbtack. Perfect for cubicles and dormrooms! The first bunch I do will be robots so I can post 'em here, but I'll branch out into other things too. $5 for a random painting, $10 for a specific one or a commissioned idea.

Email me if you would like to purchase this painting. ($10) If it's still available, I'll send you payment instructions. Remember, you can always take your chances and get a random Sample-bot for only $5. (Note: All paintings look much better in person.)


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