November 9th, 2005 :: "Sickle 2.0"

While searching through my robotic archive last night, I remembered this little gem. It's from a site I was co-creator of, Nich Cosmos and the Cosmonauts. It was the story of four, 1960's, Russian Cosmonauts and their rock and roll adventures in outer space, or at least that was the plan. A side part of the site was Hammer and Sickle, weekly vaudeville-styled comedy skits done by a talking hammer and sickle. This was the second to last Hammer and Sickle skit ever finished, and was released a little over a year ago. It probably doesn't stand up as well on it's own as some other episodes, but you know, this one has a robot in it. (It was supposed to be part of a multi-week storyline that never happened.) I urge you to check out more Hammer and Sickle. There are 40 more short episodes to choose from, and a lot are actually pretty funny. Click Here.


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