November 14th, 2005 :: "Robo2 - Step One"

This is the first step in creating a lino print; transferring the image you want onto a piece of linoleum. In this case, it required drawing the image directly on the block with a pencil. This bot is nice and symmetrical, so no worries about needing to draw anything in reverse. Hooray for that!

For the next few days, I'm going to be posting the various other steps of how I create a print. I've been printing for years, but I'm completely self-taught, so if anyone who has been properly educated in relief printing wants to tell me I'm doing something wrong, feel free too. I won't turn down advice. The rest of you, well maybe you'll learn something.

Robot-A-Day Contest!
This will be the second print of three in the "punctuation" series. See sidebar for contest rules.


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